Demo Bikes

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Whether you have only seen a a recumbent or a died-in-the-wool, disciple; inevitably, one of your major frustrations as a customer is “Where can I try one?” While certain brands might have a minimal presence in more traditional bike shops, we pride our selves on having more types of recumbent trikes and bikes for demonstration rides than any other shop in the South East!

We realize how frustrating it is to search the web and salivate over some review of a bike but have nowhere within 1000+ miles to see one much less have the luxury of  actually riding on a trail. More often than not, you drive hundreds of miles to see a recumbent in a shop but there’s no where to “demo” it except a small parking lot. How fun is that?

That’s why at Trailside, we proudly have more bike for demo than anyone else! Our current demonstration bikes are:

  • Avenue Trikes
  • Azub
    • Tricon
    • T-Tris
    • TiFly with full suspension and BionX electric assist
    • Mini
  • Catrike
    • 5.5.9
    • Trail
    • 700
    • DuMont with full suspension
    • Pocket
    • Road
    • Villager
    • Expedition
  • Greenspeed
    • Aero
    • Magnum
  • HP Velotechnik
    • Gekko FX
    • Scorpion Full Suspension (FS)  26″
    • Grasshopper with full suspension
    • Speedmachine with full suspension
  • ICE
    • Adventure HD 26″ Steps with rear suspension
    • Sprint X
    • VTX
  • RANS
    • Dynamik
  • Sun
    • EcoTad